Visiting lecturers regularly come to give a course or workshop.

Thea Dautzenberg regularly gives a Basic course VedicArt
You cannot describe Vedic Art. You can experience Vedic Art when you start painting according to 17 Vedic principles. Set a dot, a line…..and you’re on your way!

Without judgment, play like a child with the material again; you lose in time space. Everything is possible, everything is allowed.

In this way unconscious knowledge comes to the surface. You can use this knowledge to make creation an essential part of your life.

A free artistic method that supports creativity and personal development. This unique approach was developed by Curt Källman, visual artist and founder of Vedic Art. If you want to read more, visit

The basic course always consists of 5 days.

If you have completed the basic course, you can follow the advanced course. If there is enough interest I will start an advanced course.

You can register via: